Video for travels
into the heart and mind

We live governed by artificial rhythms amid a ceaseless clamor of information from the outer world.

NATURE JAPAN has been created to help us suspend those artificial rhythms momentarily and reconnect with our immense inner universe.

The world of
nature’s rhythms beckons

Photography stops time to frame a single moment, but NATURE JAPAN frames “nature’s rhythms” as they occur in time.

When nature’s mysterious transformations and life rhythms resonate in your heart and mind, the door to your inner universe will open.

Try attuning your breathing to the rhythms of nature appearing in the video. As you do so, the clamor in your mind will subside and calm will prevail.

the homeland of the spirit

Before long, the video’s movement and sound will begin to mirror your heart and mind, awakening nostalgic far-off memories.

NATURE JAPAN—a new kind of video for communing with nature’s ebullient rhythms and rediscovering the homeland of the spirit.

Seasonal Letter


A video letter delivering the season’s life rhythms to you.


Nature had a stronger presence in everyday life in olden Japan.

Gazing on natural scenery, sensing the wind and listening well to birds and insects, our ancestors experienced the changing seasons with all their senses and fell into dialogue with the mysterious source of life.

We endeavor to create content that re-enables that close dialogue with nature, so much at the heart of Japanese culture, in contemporary life.

Drawn into the changing world of light, water and wind, you will become one with nature’s rhythms. An excursion into the quietude of your inner cosmos will begin.


A section of videos created for somewhat far travels into the heart and
mind. Multiple videos together create one world.


In Japan, nature changes dramatically with the seasons, at times creating landscapes awesome and mysterious, beyond human imagining.

Videos of nature’s ephemeral beauty may induce thoughts of impermanence.

Yet, when we gaze comprehensively on the cycle of the seasons, we sense a larger unseen realm of nature.

An unchanging world of harmony at the heart of impermanence.

WORKS will guide you to there through multiple videos.

Vintage Works

Video works of the 1980s and ‘90s capturing
scenes of nature in Japan now rare.


Television screen quality has made great strides these 50 years —from analogue to Hi-vision and from 4K to 8K resolution. High resolution images now display the video’s subject with surprising reality.

Still, the greater the reality, the less room for the play of your imagination.

To bring back those pliant margins necessary to your journey, we have intentionally regressed.

Dusting off natural landscapes of the ‘80s and ‘90s recorded by analogue broadcast standards, we have restored them using the latest image processing.

These nostalgic natural landscapes of the past, no longer existing, have been resurrected as rare and precious content in the Internet age.

Nostalgia for a lost world leads us into the heart and mind.