How to use this site


How to use this site


NATURE JAPAN is a platform for travels into the heart and mind.
The videos arrayed here explore the world of yugen —the mystery of change in nature.

Feel free to browse the thumbnails and click on any landscape you like.
Then begin your journey away from the clamor, into the magic of your inner universe.

In your dialogue with light, wind and water, nature’s ebullient rhythms will guide you to the homeland of the spirit.

A subtle, unexpected drama unfolds in each video. With repeated viewings, you will walk deeper into “inner landscapes” and make new discoveries.

New users are invited to enjoy our videos free of charge for one month and try using them to enhance their lifestyle.


First, visit our SEASONAL LETTER page, where you can experience short travels into the seasonal rhythms of life.

Next, to see longer videos, proceed to our WORKS page or VINTAGE WORKS page.

Video works are displayed by title on these pages. Each set of videos
forms one world. Two “views” for enjoying travels into the heart and
mind are provided.

Collection View

Select just the video you want to see

Using “My Collection,” create your
own collection of videos for viewing whenever you like.

Contents View

View videos as a continuous work

When time allows, you can take a farther excursion.

Using the two “views,” make travels into the heart and mind part of your lifestyle.

Free of charge viewing ends after one month. When the month ends,
there will be no automatic charge.To continue using this site after the trial period ends, a fee
monthly $2.00 subscription ) is required.

If you wish to continue enjoying this site, please proceed to the