How to use this site


How to use this site


This site is a platform for spiritual journeys. Here you will find videos that will help you ride the “rhythm of life” created by nature and head towards the inner universe.

You won’t know until you actually experience what kind of “landscapes of the heart” you will encounter during your journey.

First of all, please experience this “spiritual journey” for yourself.

Free video viewing

All content on this site is available
for free for one month.

After the free trial period ends,
you will not be automatically charged.

Features of Subscription

For use after the free trial period ends,
a fee( monthly $2.00 subscription )is required.

For those who continue to use this site
or support this site , Please apply for use.


Collection View

Select just the video you want to see

Choose the scenery that appeals to you from the thumbnails
Play the video when you want to take a breather.

Using “My Collection,” create your
own collection of videos for viewing whenever you like.

Contents View

View videos as a continuous work

Play the video as one continuous piece.

When you have time to relax,
you can go on a spiritual journey a little further afield.

Using the two “views,” make travels into the heart and mind part of your lifestyle.